a b o u t

about this blog:

i started blogging two years ago, keeping a small personal blog chronicling my misadventures with trying to stop biting my nails. i managed to kick the habit, and i’ve been keeping a blog ever since.

my blog has gone through a few reincarnations from whiskey nails, reflecting a short-lived obsession with trying to coordinate the handles of all my different social media platforms, to ampersands and nails, reflecting a still-present preoccupation with all things punctuation, to model nails, reflecting my growing interest and study of fashion, to this, the model nail files.

i consider this my more formal blog. to check out some of my original designs, along with other nail art projects, check out my tumblr or my facebook, below.

i. the model nail files on facebook

ii. the model nail files on tumblr

about me:


{ x } i’m a twenty-something currently living in florida

{ x } i plan on pursuing my ph.d in english

{ x } initially, i got into fashion because i was doing research for a novel

{ x } oscar de la renta is my favorite designer, and rag & bone is my favorite designer to wear … but really i just wear yoga pants and oversized sweaters/tank tops as the weather dictates

{ x } i have a fish named linus.

{ x } you’d be hard-pressed to ever find me wearing red or pink nail polish longer than for a couple hours at the most.

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