costello tagliapietra // spring ready-to-wear 2014


of their spring collection, designers robert tagliapietra and jeffrey costello ventured, “Whenever we go out, people always ask us where we got our clothes … So we decided to feminize the pieces we make for ourselves.” in case you aren’t familiar with this duo, here is what they look like:


but make no mistake: costello tagliapietra makes stunning, beautifully tailored clothes for women. their spring collection was an exercise in functionality with mix and match separates and no-fuss evening wear.  michelle saunders for essie created the nail look based on the leather shoes used in the show. she used one coat of midnight cami followed by a layer of mademoiselle to add sheen and dull shimmer, followed by their matte about you topcoat, which is also what i’ve done here — an easy look to replicate.



the effortless beauty look:


detail of the nails:


my favorites from the collection:


midnight cami, mademoiselle, and the matte top coat are widely available at your local drugstore.

images via modelnailfiles, stylenetwork, style, elle


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