chanel // spring ready-to-wear 2012


chanel showed a rich, iridescent pearl color on the nails for the spring ready to wear show, which fit the dreamy, underwater theme of both the set and the collection. chanel creative director of makeup, peter phillips said, “I created a white, pearl nail polish exclusively for the show and for the more “colourful” passages I used three nail polish shades called Le Vernis ‘April’, ‘May’ and ‘June’. All three coming out next Spring.”

not only were pearls to be found on the nails, they were used liberally literally everywhere else. models sported pearl beauty marks, loose pearls in their slicked-back chignons, reminiscent of having just come from a swim, and of course, pearls dotting the clothing as well, in the form of belts, jewelry, and buttons.




the beauty look, ft. jac jagaciak from the front and daphne groeneveld from the back:


the nail polish:


my favorites from the collection (i’m kind of obsessed with the center outfit):


also, this is a cool video depicting, somehow, both the dreamy atmosphere of the show and the frenetic rush backstage.

images via modelnailfiles, chanel, style


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