the model nail files //

i’m writing this introduction to the latest reincarnation of my blog in the middle of a tropical storm; a little wind and rain seems to do wonders for productivity. this blog first started as a secondary tumblr blog where i took instagram photos of my newly-grown out nails. i was a nail biter for the first twenty-odd years of my life — a really, really bad one. two years ago, i quit. cold turkey.


a few months after that, i fell off the bandwagon and chewed all my fingernails down to stubs. from that point on, i have chronicled my struggle, and how i wound up kicking the habit. somewhere along the way, i developed an interest in fashion.

and then i developed the brilliant idea to combine my two loves — nails and fashion. as of late, my blog now chronicles both nail color and nail art being worn the runways, from new york to london, milan to paris.

so here we are, in what i hope will be the last iteration of my nail blog, at least in terms of identity: the model nail files.


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